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One of the most popular destinations for students, applications to US universities have many components that require early planning.


Home to some of the oldest universities in the world, the UK remains a popular choice for many students due to its shorter courses of study.


Many students have started exploring countries like Germany, France, Netherlands and Ireland as they are more affordable than the US and UK


An emerging destination that is popular with students from South Asia, Africa and the GCC, the UAE offers a unique combination of universities and career opportunities.

How do you get into your dream university?

Getting into your dream university can be a challenging but rewarding process. Here are five general steps that can guide you:


Research Your Dream University: Understand the admission requirements, including academic criteria, standardized tests, and any additional materials needed for the application.


Maintain a Strong Academic Record: Focus on maintaining a high GPA throughout your high school or undergraduate years.


Prepare for Standardized Tests: Identify the standardized tests required for admission (e.g., SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT) and prepare thoroughly.


Craft a Compelling Application: Prepare a well-written personal statement or essay. Gather strong letters of recommendation. Showcase your achievements.


Prepare for Interviews (if required)

How can Horizon Scholar help you?

Embark on an exciting global education journey! The process of getting into a dream university is highly competitive. Wondering about the best destination and curriculum for your child? We’re here to help you navigate this process. Contact us today for expert guidance and to make your dreams a reality. We help you with:


Looking for the best study abroad consultants in the UAE and India? Look no further than Horizon Scholar! Our expert advisors provide tailored guidance to help you navigate your journey to international education success. Contact us now to kickstart your global academic adventure!

How much does Horizon Scholars cost?

Our initial consultation of 30 minutes is completely free. After that we can suggest a tailor-made approach based on your individual needs.

When are university applications due?

Applications for US universities are usually due in the first week of January if you are applying for a regular decision. For the UK, applications are due in June and July for a September intake

How do I write a personal statement?

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your university application. It is the place where admissions officers can see who you are outside of the classroom and what values are important to you. We suggest starting early, understanding the prompts and working with an expert to get the best results.

Do I need to take the SAT for US admissions?

While many US universities have continued to be test-optional post-Covid, we advise taking the SAT and getting a good score to set yourself apart from the competition.

What is the Common App?

The Common Application, often referred to as the Common App, is a college application platform used by students to apply to multiple colleges and universities in the United States. Instead of filling out separate applications for each institution, students can use the Common App to streamline the process.

What is UCAS?

UCAS stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is a centralized service in the United Kingdom that manages the application process for undergraduate programs at universities and colleges. UCAS facilitates the application process for both domestic and international students seeking admission to higher education institutions in the UK

How many universities should I apply to?

As a general guideline, many students apply to a range of 5 to 10 universities. However, this number can vary. It’s crucial to strike a balance between having enough options and not overwhelming yourself with too many applications. Ultimately, focus on selecting universities that align with your academic and personal goals, and where you can envision yourself thriving academically and socially.

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