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Recognizing that no two paths are identical, we offer tailored advice to highlight each student’s unique route to higher education.

Horizon Scholar: Your Trusted Educational Consultancy since 2014

Ruchi Shukla - Best educational consultant UAE

Why work with Horizon Scholars?

With over a decade of experience in education, including roles as a textbook editor and college counselor, Ruchi Shukla brings a unique blend of expertise to education consulting. Her extensive background has equipped her with an in-depth understanding of the education landscape, particularly the ever-evolving college admissions process. Whether it’s assistance with homework, research projects, or exam preparation, her team’s ability to provide accurate and insightful information is unparalleled. We will ensure that you reach your dream destination while considering your unique strengths and personality to craft a winning application.

What will I get with Horizon Scholars?

We offer a personalized and tailored learning experience by actively engaging with students through meaningful questions and answers, ensuring a deeper understanding of the material. The specific benefits students can expect from working with us include one-on-one guidance and support throughout their journey, ensuring consistent assistance and mentorship. By working with us, students can not only enhance their academic performance but also develop critical thinking skills and a strong foundation for future success.

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What is our approach?

At Horizon Scholars we believe in taking a holistic approach with our services. Every student is unique and deserves an academic journey that will help them reach their goal while playing to their advantages and enjoying the experience as well. During our initial consultation we will understand your needs and suggest how we can help you address those. By understanding your individual needs and interests we will suggest the universities that would be right for you. There are several factors that are considered for university selection. We have a set of documents and trackers that will help you keep track of your journey to ensure you do not miss out on anything.