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Hourly Consultations

Higher Education Consulting: Flexible Consultations

Hourly Consultations

If you feel like there are specific topics you would like to discuss, our hourly consultations are a great place. These can also be used to add on to any of our above services. Topics could include:

  • AI Tools for Students
  • Curriculum choices and what to study in high school
  • Understanding how to build a college list
  • Interview preparation
  • Understanding financial aid and scholarship options
  • Evaluating college offers
  • How to prepare for college life and what you need to pack


What topics can I discuss during the hourly consultations?

Our hourly consultations cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: utilizing AI tools for students, making informed curriculum choices for high school, crafting a balanced college list, preparing for college interviews, navigating financial aid and scholarship options, evaluating college offers, and preparing for college life, including what to pack.

How do I book an hourly consultation, and what are the rates?

You can book an hourly consultation by contacting us directly through our website or via email. Our rates are competitive and are provided upon request, as they may vary depending on the specific needs and expertise required for your consultation.

Can I book multiple hours if I have several topics to discuss?

Absolutely! We encourage booking multiple hours if you have several topics you wish to explore in depth. This ensures that each area receives the attention it deserves, and we can provide comprehensive advice and support.

Are these consultations only for students, or can parents participate as well?

Our consultations are designed to benefit both students and their parents. We recognize the importance of family involvement in the educational journey, so parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the consultations.

How are the consultations conducted? Are they available online?

Our consultations are highly flexible and can be conducted either in person or online via video conferencing platforms to accommodate clients regardless of their location. This allows us to offer our expertise to a broader audience and ensures convenience for you.

Can hourly consultations be customized to focus on a topic not listed?

Yes, our hourly consultations are fully customizable. If you have a specific topic or concern not mentioned, feel free to reach out. Our team of experts spans a wide range of specialties, and we’re committed to providing tailored support to meet your unique needs and questions.